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Massey Ferguson has expanded its current MF7600 Series tractors with the addition of four new models ranging from 140 – 175hp. These combine well-proven, award-winning technology with the latest fuel-efficient engines that now expand the range from 140 to 235hp.

The MF7600 Series can be specified with either the Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 Eco semi-powershift transmission or the Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission. All are equipped with the latest AGCO POWER e3 engines with Generation 2 Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Across the range, the cab provides great visibility, provides more interior space and enhances comfort. Users can choose from three specification levels and new control options to match their requirements.

MF7600 Series Key Highlights:
• Four new models now expand the range to eight models from 140hp to 235hp, offering lightweight and versatile tractors – ideal for all applications from cultivations and crop establishment through to top work and haulage.
• Choice of either Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 semi-powershift or Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission allows users to select the most appropriate driveline for their applications.
• Choice of Essential, Efficient and Exclusive specifications allow owners to choose the most suitable transmission and features for their needs
• Latest technology AGCO Power e³ engines with Generation 2 Selective Catalytic Reduction reduce fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions.
• Power Management on Dyna-6 models boosts engine power by up to 25hp for field and road operations.
• Enhanced cab comfort and visibility from new windscreen, slim bonnet and compact cooling package.
• Multi-function Command Control Armrests and options of new Multipad joystick and Multi-function Joystick.
• Cab suspension choices of mechanical or hydraulic OptiRide Plus.

Massey Ferguson pioneered the use of SCR systems in agriculture, and now the new MF7600 Series tractors benefit from the very latest Generation 2 e3 technology. This technology, employed by AGCO
POWER engines, has already proven to significantly reduce fuel consumption. Already well-proven on MF8600 Series tractors, the Generation 2 SCR system uses an advanced Diesel Oxidation Catalyser (DOC), which includes the AdBlue dosing injector nozzle and fits neatly under the bonnet.

On Dyna-6 models, Power Management now automatically boosts power by up to 25hp for field and transport work. This provides higher output for a range of applications when conditions allow, taking account of PTO operation, travel speed and load.

The MF7600 Series can be equipped with either the well-proven Dyna-4, Dyna-6 semi-powershift or the Dyna-VT continuously variable transmissions. Dyna-VT provides precise control of the forward speed, while minimising the engine rpm, which ensures the tractor always operates with optimum economy and efficiency. This is further enhanced by the Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) system, which automatically adjusts the engine speed according to load. Dyna-6 ECO is a well proven, rugged and refined transmission that offers completely clutch-less operation via the left-hand Power Control or right-hand Command Control Armrest levers. This provides a total of 24 speeds with six Dynashift (powershift) steps in four gears. The ECO feature allows the top speed to be achieved at lower revs, which also reduces engine noise and fuel consumption. ‘AutoDrive’ is an output-boosting standard feature that provides greater levels of gear changing automation to increase work rates and cut fuel consumption.

All MF7600 Series tractors benefit from a new cab structure that features a new curved front windscreen, increased visibility plus a new roof with two new adjustable lights on each corner. Inside, a new slim dash and instrument panel improves forward visibility. This also moves with the steering wheel as it tilts and telescopes in and out to match driver requirements. Comfort is enhanced by a choice of cab suspension. The first level is a straightforward mechanical system that employs coil springs and dampers. For those looking for an even smoother ride there’s the hydraulic OptiRide Plus, which enables the operator to adjust the ride comfort level.

On the MF7600 Series, Massey Ferguson offers a range of new Command Control Armrests, which are available with different Multi-function joysticks. The level of functions they offer matches the model specifications. The new Multipad joystick is standard on top specification tractors. This mounts at the front of the Command Control Armrest and has a thumb button shuttle control as well as operating a range of other functions. Also new on the top two models is the option of a Multi-function joystick, which includes forward/reverse shuttle and gear shift buttons, and also provides hydraulic controls.

The MF7600 Series comes with a high level of automation as standard, including the Integrated Tractor Control System (ITCS) which provides electronic spool valve management and wheelslip control as well as many other automatic features. The Datatronic Control Centre Display is standard on the Exclusive models and is an option on the Efficient range. All MF7600 Series tractors come ready to be fitted with the AGCOMMAND telemetry-based machine management system. In addition, AutoGuide offers integral full auto-steering capability and this can be supplied either as a factory-fit option or retro-fitted.

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