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The R-311T™ rough mower by Jacobsen® is a cost-effective mowing solution for challenging turf found at sports fields, parks, institutional roughs and roadside areas. Reliable and easier to maintain, the R-311T is ergonomically designed to enhance the entire operator experience.

•Superior Reliability and Uptime - All hydraulic-driven motors on cutting decks, fewer wear parts and easy access to the engine, blades and hydraulic system make the R-311 easy to maintain
•Superior Operator Comfort - Grammer™ air suspension seat, ergonomic cockpit, storage area, cup holder and charging outlet were all designed with operators in mind.
•Individual Deck Control - Individual control allows you to operate each deck independently making it easy to trim in tight spots.
•Operator Safety - Standard foldable ROPS keeps operators safe and allows mowing in low-height areas and access to covered trailers and sheds.


Type: Kubota® V2403-M-T, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled turbocharged diesel engine
Displacement:148 cu. in. or 2.4 L
Rated Power: 59.0 hp maximum, 55.9 hp @ 2600 rpm
Peak Torque:120.7 lbs-ft @ 1800 rpm or 163.6 NM @ 1600 rpm
Air Cleaner: Dry type Cylcopac air cleaner with restriction indicator light
Cooling System:Pressurised, sealed cooling system; coolant capacity 7.6 L  

Lubrication:Fully pressurized
Fuel Consumption: 13.2 l/hr. at max engine loading
Fuel Capacity: 75.7 L
Oil Filter Type: Full-flow, replaceable spin-on remote type
Electrical System: 45 amp alternator with 12V 750 CCA battery, circuit breakers, fuses

Cutting Time Productivity: 4.20 ha/hr at 12.4 km/h
Run Time per Tank 5.7 hours

Speed (Maximum)
Mowing: 12.4 km/h
2WD: 24.0 km/h
4WD: 12.6 km/h
2WD: 9.6 km/h
4WD: Locked out

Traction and Drive
Traction System:
Hydrostatic, closed-loop system; variable-displacement piston pump; fixed-displacement piston motor to front limited slip differential axle with integral gear reduction; motors on rear wheel electro-hydraulically engage/disengage for selectable two or four-wheel drive
Deck Drive: Hydraulic motors with integral bearings; self-lubricating
Hydraulic System: 64.3 L reservoir; o-ring face seal fittings; charge and return filters; suction screen at tank; oil cooler; diagnostic test ports
Hydraulic Cooling: Hydraulic oil cooler

Tyres, Brakes, and Steering
Front Tyres 26 x 12-12, tubeless, 6-ply rated
Rear Tyres 23 x 10.5-12, tubeless, 4-ply rated
Service Brakes: Dynamic braking from transmission; mechanical disc brakes on front wheels
Parking Brake: Foot operated disc brakes
Steering: Tilt Wheel: Hydrostatic rear wheel steering

Decks and Cutting Units
Number and Size:
One 64 in. (1.62 m) full-floating front deck;
Two 42 in. (1.07 m) mfull-floating wing decks
Construction: 10 gauge steel with reinforcing plates, ribs, bumpers
Caster Wheels: 4 x 11 pneumatic tires
Cutting Unit: Lift Hand operated, individual lever controlled hydraulic lift system
Weight Transfer: Hydraulic weight transfer - adjustable at operator controls
Blades: Seven 23 in. (58 cm), Low Noise, Low Lift
Motor/Spindle: Hydraulic motors with integral bearings; self-lubricating
Height of cut: 2.54 - 14 cm
Overall Cutting Width: 134 in. (3.4 m)

Weight and Dimensions
 1803 kg
Length: 3.66 m
ROPS Up: 2.13 m
ROPS Down: 1.61 m
Wheelbase: 1.72 m
Width: 3.53 m
Transport Width: 2.38 m

Option: Factory installed Air-conditioned cabin.