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No other competitive fairway mower can match the LF-4677 by Jacobsen® in ease of use, productivity or performance. Combine the 139 in. (3.53 m) width of cut with 7 Jacobsen Classic XP™ cutting units and you'll have fairways that look beautiful in less time

•Servo-Controlled Hydrostat - Reduces operator effort and fatigue, improving control of the fairway mower
•7" Reels - Designed to mow even the toughest grasses
•Joystick Lift and Lower Control - Simple-to-use one-touch joystick delivers precise control of cylinder operation
•Wing reels can be raised independently for seamless mowing around obstacles.
•Heavy-Duty Traction Circuit and Faster Mow Speeds - Long-life components and increased productivity
•Electronic Control Module - Provides on-board diagnostic testing of electrical system


Type Kubota® V1505TE 4-cycle, 4-cylinder, turbocharged liquid cooled, low-emissions-certified diesel
Rated Horsepower 44.2 hp @ 3000 rpm
Displacement 91.4 cu. in or 1,498 cc
Air Cleaner Donaldson® dry cartridge type with evacuator, valve and service indicator
Cooling System Pressurized, sealed cooling system
Lubrication System Fully Pressurized
Fuel Capacity 64.4 L
Oil Filter Type Full-flow, replacement spin-on type
Electrical System 12 V starter; 40 amp alternator/regulator

Speed (Maximum)
Mowing11 km/h
2WD: 19.3 km/h
4WD: 12.1 km/h
Reverse 8.1 km/h

Traction and Drive
Traction Drive:
Variable displacement, servo-controlled hydrostatic drive; 2WD two high-torque wheel motors; 4WD four high-torque wheel motors; on-demand electrically controlled hydraulic 4WD valve with constant downhill speed and downhill autoshift to 2WD
Reel Drive: 3-section gear pump with quick disconnect coupled reel motors, solenoid controlled mow valve
Reel Lift: Joystick control, one touch lift/lower control for all seven reels; wing reels can be controlled independently
Joystick control: one touch lift/lower control for all seven reels; wing reels can be controlled independently
Hydraulic System: 53 L capacity; GreensCare™ biodegradable hydraulic fluid; oil monitor with low-oil alarm standard
Hydraulic Cooling: Hydraulic oil cooler; large-volume, full-flow 10 micron filter

Tyres, Brakes, and Steering
Front Tyres:
26.5 x 14.0-12 tubeless
Rear Tires: 20.0 x 10.0-8 tubeless
Brakes: Dynamic, through-traction system
Parking Brake: 9.25 in. disc on front wheels
Steering: Rear-wheel, hydrostatic power steering

Reels and Blades
Number and Size: 
Sevin 7 in. diameter x 22 in.
Number of Blades: 11 heavy section fairway blades; 9 heavy section fairway blades
Cutting Frequency: 
11 blade: 1.65 mm/km/h
9 blade: 2.02 mm/km/h
Overall Cutting Width:139 in. or 3.53 m
Height-of-Cut Range: (Depending on turf condition, reel wear and bedknife installed)
9.5-28.5 mm
Available high-cut kit raises cutting height to 39.7 mm
Reel Speed: 1,480 rpm

Weight and Dimensions
Weight: 1565 kg
Length:(less catchers) 2.74 m
Height:1.49 m
Width:Transport: 2.2 m