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Jacobsen-100 Series

The Eclipse® by Jacobsen® is the walking greens mower of choice for keeping surfaces pristine in all conditions. Its industry exclusive features include variable frequency of cut, onboard backlapping and access to set frequency of cut, maximum mow speed, reel speed, weight balance adjustment and more. Available in hybrid or battery drive; providing power, economy and low environmental impact.

•The ONLY walking greens mowers with variable frequency of cut - for the finest quality cut in any conditions.
•The ONLY walking greens mowers with onboard backlapping - to quickly and easily maintain a superior quality of cut.
•The ONLY walking greens mower with a fully isolation-mounted engine, which dramatically reduces operator fatigue and excess vibration on the turf, resulting in a better, more consistent cut - day in and day out.
•The ONLY walking greens mowers available in hybrid or battery drive, providing power, economy and low environmental impact.
•ONLY the Eclipse™ allows for quick and easy reel removal - simply pull three pins, unhook the crossbar and unplug the electrical motor connection. This allows operators to easily mow two different heights of cut with one machine.



Engine Hybrid Models:
Honda® GX-120
Generator Hybrid Models: 1.3 hp continuous; 48VDC brushless
Battery Pack Battery Models: 48V 20AH sealed lead acid
Sound Power Level Hybrid Models: 88 dBA
Battery Models: 82 dBA
Hybrid Models: 88 dBA
Hybrid Models: 2.5 L

Traction and Differential
Drive Motor:
1.3 hp continuous; brushless DC
Traction Drive: via synchronous belt
Operator Presence Control: InCommand™ standard
Differential: Full automotive type, housed in traction drum
Traction Drum: 7.75 in. diameter smooth machined aluminum
Brakes Lever: acutated hub brake with parking lock
Transport Wheels: Pneumatic 11 in. x 4 in.
Mowing Speed: Electronically controlled, 3.4 mph maximum

Reels and Blades
Reel Bearings:
Spring-loaded, tapered roller
Reel Diameter: 5 in.127 mm
Number of Blades:

Eclipse 118 and 122 Models: 11 blades
Eclipse 126 Models: 7 blades
Blade Material: Hardened, high manganese carbon steel
Cutting Frequency: Variable (electronically programmable)
Reel Motor: 1.3 hp continuous; brushless DC
Reel Speed: Electronically controlled, 2200 RPM maximum
Eclipse 118 and 122 Models: 1.9 - 11.1 mm
Eclipse 126 Models: 1.9 mm - 3.18 cm
Bedknife Material: Hardened carbon stee

Weight and Dimensions
Ready-to-Cut Weight:
Eclipse 118 Battery: 106 kg
Eclipse 118 Hybrid: 97 kg
Eclipse 118 F Battery: 122 kg
Eclipse 118 F Hybrid: 114 kg
Eclipse 122 Battery: 112 kg
Eclipse 122 Hybrid: 104 kg
Eclipse 122 F Battery: 123 kg
Eclipse 122 F Hybrid: 113 kg
Eclipse 126 Battery: 120 kg
Eclipse 126 Hybrid: 111 kg

Width-of-Cut Eclipse:

Eclipse 118 Models: 18 in.
Eclipse 122 Models: 22 in.
Eclipse 126 Models: 26 in.