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Jacobsen-TurfCat 628

The Jacobsen® TurfCat's™ hydraulic deck drive eliminates the need for a gear box, drive shaft, or clutch, providing a highly efficient transfer of power that requires very little maintenance. The TurfCat also offers six different deck options, including the industry's only 60 in. fine-cut flail making it a versatile high value machine.

•4-Wheel Drive Availability - Series-parallel traction system for superior hill climbing.
•Height of Cut Range From 1" to 4" to meet most common applications
•Flip-Up Seat - Easy access to hydraulic components.
•6 Different Deck Configurations including a Flail - Largest selection in industry - No one offers more.
•Please Note: Due to legislation requiring technical manuals to be printed in multiple languages, this product may not currently be available for purchase in all non-English speaking countries.  Please contact your nearest distributor or Contact Us for full details


Type: Kubota® D1305-EB 4-cycle, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, low-emissions-certified diesel
Horsepower: 29.1 hp
Displacement: 68.5 cu. in or 1.12 L
Air Cleaner System: Dry type with dust evacuator
Cooling System: Pressurized, sealed cooling system.
Lubrication System: Fully Pressurized
Fuel Capacity: 9 gal or 34 L
Oil Filter Type: Full-flow, replacement spin-on type
Electrical System: 40 amp alternator wtih 12V 450 CCA battery, fuse protected

Speed (Maximum)
Mowing 9.7 km/h
Transport 16 km/h
Reverse 6.4 km/h

Traction and Drive
Traction System:
Variable displacement hydraulic pump directly mounted to engine; front wheel motors
Deck Drive: Hydraulic PTO with hydraulic gear pump and motor with electro-hydraulic control valve
Hydraulic System: Separate 3 gal reservoir; full flow filter with oil cooler
Hydraulic Cooling: Full-flow filter with oil cooler

Tyres, Brakes, and Steering
Front Tyres 23 x 10.5, 4-ply, turf tread
Rear Tyres18 x 8.5, 4-ply, turf tread
Service Brakes: Foot-operated, mechanical, drum-style
Parking Brake: Foot pedal actuated parking brake
Steering: Hydrostatic rear wheel steering

Decks and Cutting Units
Number and Size:
One 60 in., 63 in., or 72 in. (1.52 m, 1.60 m, 1.82 m)
Construction: 11-gauge steel with 7-gauge steel on side skirts
Caster Wheels: Two 11 x 4.5 pneumatic, tubeless, 4-ply
Cutting Unit Lift: Hand operated, lever controlled hydraulic lift system
Weight Transfer: Springs transfer 82 kg from cutting deck to tractor
Decks: Rotary, rear discharge, side discharge or mulcher, fine-cut flail
Motor/Spindle: Top mounted 1 in. diameter shaft on lubricated ball bearings in machined housing
Height of cut: 25.4 - 121 mm in 6 mm increments
Cutting Capacity: 60 in.: up to 3.3 acres per hour at 5.5 mph
63 in.: up to 3.5 acres per hour at 5.5 mph
72 in.: up to 4 acres per hour at 5.5 mph
1.52 m: up to 1.3 ha/h at 9 km/h
1.60 m: up to 1.4 ha/h at 9 km/h
1.82 m: up to 1.6 ha/h at 9 km/h
Overall Cutting Width: One 60 in., 63 in., or 72 in (1.52 m, 1.60 m, 1.82 m)

Weight and Dimensions
2WD: 594 kg
4WD: 707 kg
Length:2.2 m
Height: without OPS 1.33 m
Wheelbase: Width 1.32 m