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Silvan-Contractor & Shireboss

CONSTRUCTION: 6mm top deck plate, rear corners tapered to improve manoeuverabilty.
GEARBOX: 100Hp, 540RPM, 1:1.93 ratio/ 130Hp, 540RPM, 1:1.93 ratio
PTO SHAFT RATING" Contractor: Series8 integrated clutch. / Shireboss: Blue torque 4 plate cluch 150hp.
HEADSTOCK: Collapsible floating hitch.
FINISH: Long lasting galvanised top deck.
SKIDS: Adjustable from 40 - 140mm cutting height.
BLADES: 3 leaf (130mm) spring steel rotor bar with hardened bushes and 2 heavy duty twist profile blades.
MOUNTING: Cat. II TPL centre mount attachment.
INSTRUCTIONS: Operator's manual and holder supplied.
SAFETY GUARDS: Replaceable front/ rear quickfit chains.
OPTION: Height Control Wheel (Two recommended for 7' Models
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